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Optical Fiber Natural Daylighting System

Creating products by learning from the functions of all living beings

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When Mr. Yokosawa, our founder and CEO, was conducting research activities at the university in the 2000s, in order to facilitate his bacterial research in research facilities, he started looking for a system to take sunlight into the room. After taking over his family business, Mr. Yokosawa continued to develop the mechanism as a part of his life work research. He finally invented a new system and issued a related patent in 2012. In 2018, he eventually established the company for business development of this system.

May 2012

Mr. Yokosawa invented the daylight tracking and gathering system, called an "Insect Compounded Eye Sensor", which applies the insect eye function.  He submitted the patent application of the system globally.

June 2015

Received the patent publication of the daylight tracking and gathering system

June 2018

Founded JBital, Nippon Bital Co., Ltd., to start expanding business for this optical fiber natural daylighting system and develop products by researching further on "Nature technology" 

May 2019   

August 2019   

November 2020 

Honorary received the award at Mebuki Financial Group's business contest

Deliver the waving hands statue of KUMAMON powered by our solar engine thechnology

Participated Kawaguchi expo



Hirotsugu Yokosawa



Research & Invention


Degree on specializing in microorganisms and enzymes


Researched at Environmental Toxicology Laboratory at Los Angeles County, Department of Public Health

Researched on water quality improvement that promotes natural purification


Invented "Bio Egg" to improve the quality of water utilizing microorganisms

Applied the patent on a method for improving the environment and quality of water by using microorganisms

Founded Hiro Bio Systems Co., Ltd.


Visiting Researcher at Tokyo University of Agriculture

Researched on optimal environmental conditions for environmental pollutants

Transfered Hiro Bio Systems Co., Ltd. to

Japan Enzyme Engineering Research Co., Ltd.


Researched under Professor Yasunori Nakamura at Akita Prefectural University

Researched on polluted rice (the research approved by Japan Science and Technology Agency)


Applied the patent for virus control agent containing silver-chloro complex with long-lasting efficacy against Norovirus


Suspended the activities of Japan Enzyme Engineering Research Co., Ltd. due to his family business


Researched on inorganic silver complex


Applied the patent on sunlight detection device and sunlight receiving system


Founded Nippon Bital Co., Ltd.


30th June 2019



17th January 2020

November 2020

Reported on Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited's Supported Regional Business Case study

Introduced on "Kawaguchi J:COM"