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Solar Engine

  • As an application of the daylighting system, we have a track record of manufacturing and delivering solar engines. Unlike solar power generation, the solar engine can be used as a power source by converting the energy of the daylight directly into the driving energy of the engine, not through electric power.

  • Far before developing wind electric power generation as windmills have been used for milling and threshing since the 1300's. Many efforts and researches have been conducted to use solar energy for various powers and activities

August 2019   We manufactured and delivered the waving hands statue of " KUMAMON", at large commercial mall  "Sakuramachi Kumamoto" 

(The solar tracking system was not implemented in this case. However, it is possible to develop a solar engine with a daylight tracking function.)

You can see him waving hands far from the building 

The daylight are taken by four lenses on the top

We engraved the company name on the pedestal
Hands moves by the sun engine
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