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Optical Fiber Natural Daylighting System,

, delivers

"real & natural" daylight

to anyplace

by three key functions;

gathering, transporting, and 

distributing daylight.



Natural sunlight will be transferred to all rooms in the north side of the building by our optical fiber daylighting system

1  Gathering Daylight

"Insect Eye Sensor", which applies the mechanism of compounding eyes of insects,

will track automatically and collect the daylight efficiently


2. Transporting Daylight

Our original "Daylight Delivery Optical Cable", which is different from conventional glas or optical cables, will maintain the spectrum and components of the daylight up to 1 km



  • Agriculture

Vegetable factory and indoor cultivation plant

  • Florist:

Inside products at florists, Fresh vegetables harvested at restaurant

  • Aquarium, Zoo:

Provides natural environment inside the room

  • Commercial facilities

Reduces the cost of indoor lighting, provide inside green products

  • Medical Facilities:

Contributes the health care for user who cannot go outside at nursing homes or medical facilities, Use of natural ultraviolet rays for sterilization purpose

  • Pet shop:

Maintains the health of pets at indoor exhibitions or home

  • Farming:

Maintains the health of livestocks and sterilizes their buildings

  • Public facilities:

Reduces the cost of indoor lighting, including tunnels and underground parking lots etc

Product ①

 『KAISEI 60』Business Use 60  

Reference price  JPY 22,000,000(ex tax and delivery cost)

Please contact us in details.

International delivery could be acceptable if the order is more than 3 units

Possible illumination area : 500㎡ (Note)

General Order Flow:

Contact → Field Survey → Cable length estimation

→ Quotation → Construction


Note:This system uses the natural daylight. The light will be brighter on a clear day than a cloudy day. Therefore the illumination area is only for reference on a clear day. Please note that although the brightness is limited, this system will track the moonlight and deliver it the inside room at clear night.

Product ②

 『KAISEI HOME』Home Use  

Schedule to be released in 2024

Wait for a while

Possible illumination area : 50㎡ (Note)


Please register if you are interested 


World Daylighting Systems

The ancient Egyptian Pyramid was designed that the daylight goes deep into the sacred place of the huge structure of the Pyramid twice a year at fixed times. There have been may trials to deliver the daylight  to places where it would not reach.

​At the present time, many companies provide several kinds of products to deliver the daylight to places where it cannot reach in various countries. We would like you to refer to these systems and expect you to find various impacts and messages. We are sure you would find something new from these.

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